Philip Christopher Egler; known to most as "Phily" is an independent Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Musician. 
His earliest music impressions began evolving while growing up in Cleveland with a musical family that performed nationwide. As a shy child growing up in the church, music became a normal way of life.  After moving to Illinois with his family, Phily became a student of music while quietly observing several music greats in environments of consistent performance.  From live recordings to performance tours to studio sessions; Phily developed an appetite for many styles of music and began to cultivate his own developing music gift. 
Years of exploration revealed his creative talents for songwriting; leading him to express his music craft as an artist of hip-hop.   As a lyricist, he has collaborated with his brother Thomas Egler (SureThingStudios) as Writer and Producer for a number of artists.  Currently working on his highly anticipated debut album, "Against All Odds"; his art will tell the story he once quietly kept about real life.   From relationships, jobs, struggle, ups and downs, faith, and family, you'll find yourself in the story.  No longer the "shy guy"; Phily is poised to boldy share his music that will positively uplift and change a generation.